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What contains a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck ?

In a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck, there are a total of 40 to 60 cards. It may contain duplicates, but will generally be constructed from:

  • Monster cards
  • Trap cards
  • Magic cards

Depending on the Deck purchased, you may have more than just a deck of OCG Cards. They often come with several OCG accessories like a playmat or a rulebook. If you want to get these products out of packs, you can always get Yu-Gi-Oh! individually.

The advantage of these preconstructed decks is that they are already playable if you want to face other duelists in amateur or competitive matches or even during Remote Duel games. A Yugioh Deck is often built around a specific monster/universe so that the cards can communicate with each other. The more experienced among you will even go so far as to make your own Card Deck!

How to make a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck ?

To create a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck, it is usually necessary to have access to a wide choice of cards (often obtained via a Yu-Gi-Oh Display) as well as to have a good experience of the rules and the universe Yu Gi Oh.

The combinations are very numerous and it will be necessary to determine which will be your master cards in order to be able to choose the magic cards or traps which will be able to support them. There are several types of monsters grouped into two main parts:

Normal Monster:

Possessing a yellow border, these monsters are the most basic: they have no effect and instead have a description summarizing its history that has no impact on the Duel.

Effect Monster:

Possessing an orange border and as the name suggests they have instead of the description a monster effect or a condition.

In addition to this, monsters can be part of one of these categories having an impact on its summoning mode:

  • Ritual Monster
  • Fusion Monster
  • Synchro Monster
  • XYZ Monster
  • Clock Monster
  • Link Monster

Which Yu-Gi-Oh Deck to pick ?

There is no general answer to this question, the choice of deck will be more a personal choice depending on the monster and type that inspires you the most and the strategic potential behind it all.

For beginners it is advisable to start with a Structure Deck in order to already have cards that can be combined with each other and then improve it with cards that you already have: the only rule is to stay between 40 and 60 cards per Deck.

If you want to add elements to your current Deck, you can always try your luck in YUGIOH Boosters individually.


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