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Which Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box to pick ?

The answer is in most cases personal, it will depend on what you are looking for: Rare Card, Ghost, Starlight or even a specific monster/universe.

The ideal is always to orient yourself according to two things: do you want to collect more, or play a duel with friends / in competition?

If you want to collect, you are surely looking for a rare card. You can pull out your little list, and look in which Yu-Gi-Oh! your card can be obtained: all you have to do is cross your fingers when opening it!

If you want to play a duel, you surely have a small Deck base that is already there: if you already know the monsters that can go well with your current game, just look for them in a Display, or else a small Booster, as simple as that.

How many cards contains a Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box?

In a Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG there are very often 30 packages (in France, there are generally 24), and this can vary according to the collections (some have for example 15).

In Japan a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! contains 5 maps (again this may vary depending on the editions) unlike 7 for France in most cases. By simple calculation, a classic display will then contain 150 cards.

How much costs a Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box ?

The price of a Yu-Gi-Oh! is calculated according to its rarity, its age, its origin as well as the number of cards inside it. In France, a Yu-Gi-Oh! will generally cost around 100€ (if we take a recent Display containing 24 packs of 7 cards in a specialized store or supermarket). Being located in Japan, the very source of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, we send the Tokyo cards directly to you and this has several advantages: they are cheaper, there are many more exclusives and they generally come out well before their arrival on the French market. A display of 30 boosters will generally cost around 60€.

Find your favorite card

It can sometimes take a long time and be quite difficult to get your favorite card with a simple Yu-Gi-Oh! because you will surely need to try your luck a lot of times. The Display is therefore the fastest solution to obtain what you are looking for in the chosen series.

However, there are other solutions depending on what you are looking for:

Some rare cards ? A Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box

As we said before there are usually 30 boosters in a Display which will considerably increase your chances of obtaining ultra-rare, secret-rare, ghost cards, etc...

A specific card ? A Box or Structure Deck

If the card you are looking for is present in a Yu-Gi-Oh! you can opt for this option! In addition to that, your Deck will be designed to play around this card, which will allow you to directly go and face your opponents with your favorite monster. The Yu-Gi-Oh! are also an option because they usually contain exclusive promotional cards as well as accessories or sometimes Boosters.

Little budget, lot of envy ? A Booster Pack

As a last option you have Yu-Gi-Oh! If you want to try your luck without spending too much, it's inside that you'll have to orient yourself and who knows... you may have the card of your dreams during your first attempts!


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