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The whole Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Universe Directly from Japan.

If you are a collector like a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, you no longer have to search the web from top to bottom to find the latest OCG nuggets released in Japan. Here, you are in the right place, with a team at your disposal to ship everything to you from Japan in 0-72h.

Every product released in Japan, both famous Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks, Sleeves, Display, and even single cards is available here, on our store. And if the product you are looking for is not presented, you contact us, and we will pick it up in collectors' shops in Tokyo, for you.

⚠️ European Customers: The VAT is not included. You will potentially have extra charges upon delivery ⚠️

Our collections

Every products are official products. We try to fit as many items as possible, both from the recent editions and old, vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! items.
If you think we're missing what you're looking for, hit us up ! :)
Discover the Classics of OCG products from Japan.

The yugi-market.com team is based in Tokyo, capital of Japan but also of the TCG and OCG universe, where fans of Japanese licenses dream of one day setting foot there. What luck, we are there. We take care of hunting rare cards and collector's items in the 4 corners of Tokyo to complete your collection: a little job for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts!

You may have some questions...

No worries, we've got your back! If any of the questions you have are not showing, you can contact us and ask directly to our staff at hello@yugi-market.com :)

Where do you ship ?

We can ship worldwide. Some countries might have some delivery methods excluded following the limitations from the shipping services (war, COVID,...). No worries, we always find a way to get the parcel to your door :)

How long does it takes to deliver ?

Depending on your location and shipping method, it starts from 3 days to 3 weeks. Some unwanted events might have minor impact on the shipping services we use resulting in a longer delivery of about a week. No worries, you will have multiple options and full support from our team to make the delivery as soon as possible !

How can I know the condition of the single cards I am willing to buy ?

Since every single cards are considered second-hand, we can't guarantee a mint condition all the time. However, we are very strict on the selection of our products ! We can provide detailed photos with a clear mention of little elements with color fading, scratches, etc... if any. Simply ask us, don't be shy! :)

Are you selling only Yu-Gi-Oh products ?

Nope, we sell basically everything we can get in Japan. We focus on second-hand products since it is our domain of expertise, but we will gladly take your requests if you need anything from Japan (playing cards, figures, food, plastic models and more). Following what you are looking for, we might already be working on a website dedicated to it. If not, you can hit us up with recommendation for future products listing, we will gladly consider it :)

Will I have extra costs upon delivery, like taxes or customs ?

European customers: VAT is NOT included in the final price. It will be charged upon delivery by FedEx (or JP Post).
USA: until $800, no extra costs are expected. You shouldn't have any issues regarding this :)
Other countries: please refer to the law and the customs regarding imports.
If some fees have to be paid, you can still refuse the parcel, and the parcel will be returned to us. We will refund it, no worries!
Mandatory by the law, all of our parcels are decorated as a sale with the true commercial value, excluding the shipping fees. We decorate our products with the Playing cards HS Code 950440000.
If you have any questions regarding tax, customs,... we will gladly answer to you the best way we can!

I want a very specific product, can I contact you ?

Of course! You can see directly from the menu, we have a on-demand section to contact us. Make sure you give us as much informations as possible (even photos) of the product you are looking for, since we will have to find the equivalent in Japanese, if it exists.

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