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Which Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Pack to buy ?

It all depends on what you're looking for, each Yu-Gi-Oh! pack has a different theme with exclusive monsters.

In addition, some card rarities are only available in certain boosters, so this will have a big impact if you want to try your luck for a Ghost, Starlight, Ultimate card, and so on.

We therefore advise you to find out in advance and to look at the list of available cards so as not to be mistaken. Many Yu-Gi-Oh! will be there to guide you and allow you to find the Booster that suits you the most.

How many cards contains a Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Pack ?

Unlike France where the card packs contain 7 cards, the Japanese boosters contain 5 (in most cases). If you want to open more Boosters at once you can opt for a Yu-Gi-Oh! which will contain between 15 and 30 Boosters at a time in order to considerably increase your chances of obtaining rare cards.

How a Booster Pack is made

In Yu-Gi-Oh! there are 3 different types of cards that you can have, each with a different appearance percentage.

  • Normak cards
  • Rare cards
  • "Premium cards", if you get lucky!

Good news: there is bound to be one rare card per booster, but you can never know which one in advance (otherwise it would be too easy). For a specific card, you can potentially find it in a Yu-Gi-Oh Deck, we'll let you take a look!

Yu-Gi-Oh cards Rarity explained

Yu-Gi-Oh cards have the chance to have a lot of cards of different rarities (a joy for any good collector) but it can be very easy to get lost as a novice, that's why we will try to sum it all up simply:


These are the cards you'll get most often and aren't very hard to get. You can recognize them this way:

  • NORMAL cards have no specific design or appearance
  • RARE cards will have shiny silver lettering on the Name


Those will be a little more complicated to find (especially for ultra rare)

  • SUPER RARE cards will only have a Holographic image
  • The ULTRA RARE cards will have a Holographic image as well as shiny gold letters on the name.

These different rarities are the most common and will be available in almost all Yu-Gi-Oh! but there are others which will be specific to certain collections.


The card will be of a holographic mirroring surface.


The card title shines in gold lettering. The attribute, the level stars, the illustration as well as the frames will also be shiny, but what makes the beauty of these cards is that the main illustration will have a relief effect when touched.


The title of the card in Secret Rare will be shiny in silver letters and especially the main illustration will be a bright holographic in diagonal.


These you can't miss! This rarity is considered one of the most beautiful and sought after Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Called Holographic Rare in Japanese, the name of this card is shiny white and above all the main illustration will be less colorful than the original and will have a 3D effect depending on the angle where you look at it (for our part , these are our favorite cards).


Just like Ghost Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Rarity: Prismatic Secret Rare (called Starlight outside of Japan) are among the most prized and sought after cards. They have a type of holography similar to Secret Rares except that it travels the entire map instead of just being applied to the artwork and is horizontal.


Originally exclusive to Japanese cards, Millenium Rare cards are distinguished by glowing hieroglyphs running vertically across the card.

That's it, now you know everything about the Yu-Gi-Oh! as well as the different rarities that this magnificent license brings together. Besides, if you collect, don't hesitate to get your hands on a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh Card Protectors to protect your finds.

And if you need more info don't hesitate to let us know, we will always give time to Duel de Monstre fan like us!


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